Club picnic games


This year members could sign up and play some games with their ATV, SxS, or Dirt Bike. We had eight members sign up for the games.

The games consisted of a Barrel Roll and the Blind fold distance. In the Barrel Roll each driver has a 55 gallon drum that they push down the field around a cone and back. The driver who does this the fastest wins. We had two classes ATVs and SxSs. Next was the Blind fold distance, a driver would wear goggles that had been painted so they could not see and had to drive their machine up to but not over the finish line. The driver who got the closest to the line won.

Each 1st place winner won a $25 gift certificate for their 2020 membership.

We thank all those who played the games and Elaine H. who helped to put the games on.