General rules

  1. Everyone must wear a DOT, Snell or other approved helmet.
  2. No alcohol on the trails.
  3. Riders under age 16 must be under the direct supervision and within eyesight of their parent or guardian at all times.
  4. Be aware of oncoming traffic, particularly in blind curves and hills.
  5. Stay on the Trail. Cutting corners will degrade the trail system.
  6. Trails only open during daylight hours.
  7. No littering, No camping, No fires.
  8. Operate at reasonable speeds and under control at all times.
  9. The club is open year round except for hunting season. see Hunting Season Restrictions below for more information.
  10. Respect other trail users. Some of our trails are used by the land owners who use the trails for horse back riding. Please pull to the side of the trail and turn your machine off so not to spook the horses until they have passed.

Membership requirments

  1. All Machines must be insured.
  2. ATVs and UTVs must have PA registration.
  3. Tags are required for all machines.
  4. Tags must be displayed at all times and be visible by an approaching rider.


Some of our land is leased and our owners have requested theses closures so they can enjoy hunting on there land. We ask that all members and guests respect their wishes so we can continue to use their land.

  1. Fall Turkey Season: Saturdays all trails are closed.
  2. Buck season: 2 weeks of Antlered deer season - Sunday's all trails are open.
  3. Spring Turkey Season: Saturdays all trails are closed till 1 PM.