Working members enjoy discounted membership on their first Club tag.

Members must earn 5 (five) work points during a calendar year for eligibility as Working Members the following year. Members are solely responsible for documenting eligible events (points) in writing for consideration by the Board prior to the February regular meeting.

Points are earned as follows:

Work Day/Work Detail: One point. Example: Participating in seven Work Days/Work Details accumulates seven working points. Setting up for an Open House is considered a Work Detail.

Participate in managing a Club event: One point. Example: Parking detail, registration, or organizing food for an open house earns one point.

Sell ten tickets: One point. These may be quarterly raffle or other tickets the Club endorses. Example: Selling five batches of ten tickets each earns five points. Attend a community parade as a sanctioned Club event: One point (each).

Perform special activities: One to ten points. Examples: Manage quarterly raffle ticket distribution and collection, maintain Club website or Facebook page, donate needed materials, or any special activity the Board deems eligible.

Examples for obtaining 10 points:

Example 1:

  • - Attend 4 work days/work details: 4 points
  • - Attend 1 parade: 1 point
  • - Work at an open house: 1 point
  • - Sell 40 tickets: 4 points

Example 2:

- Sell 10 batches of 10 tickets each: 10 points

Example 3:

- Perform special activities: 2 points

- Attend 6 work days/work details: 6 points

- Work two open house events: 2 points