Al Sain (President)
Fred Lamolinara (Board Mem.)
Joe Perry (Treasurer)
Pat King (Membership)
Scott  Bailey (Raffles)
2018 Memberships
2017 - 396 Members
Hunting Restrictions:
Closed for turkey season:
Apr 28, May 5, 12, 19, 26
Deer & Fall turkey seasons
will be announced later.
Current News and Upcoming Events
Sad News
Bob Breakiron's wife Nancy passed away on Sunday March 10th.  Bob
is on our Board of Directors and is one of the founding fathers of our
club.  Nancy has been in attendance for most of our meetings and
events.  Her presence  will be missed and we extend our sincere
sympathy to Bob and all his family.
Working Memberships (updated)
The following members achieved "working member" status in 2017 and
will receive the discounted membership for 2018.  Thanks to all of you
for your work at our club:
    Bailey, Scott        Haas , Chris           Perry, Joe
    Basinger, Doug   Hawker, Bruce        Porter, Harry
    Bell, Chet            Hayden, Bob          Sain, Al
    Berkepile, Bill      Hayden, Dave        Sauer, Denis
    Berkepile, Jon     Hixson, Daniel        Schwanekamp, John
    Breakrion, Bob    King, Pat                Shannon , Glenn
    Denne, Tom        Lamolinara, Fred   Shaw , Mark
    Fike, Chris           Longo, Ron           Clyde Sherbondy
    Fitch, Jeff            McCullough, Dan    Szalankiewicz, Jerry
    Gales, Boe          McGann, Bill       
2018 Hatfield-McCoy Trips (Update)
Spring trip is June 10th – 14th arrive Sunday and leave Thursday
morning. It’s $200 a person.  
Money not due until May 15th.

Fall will be in October dates
are OCT 14-17 (S-W), register by June
30TH, payment by Sep 1st.

If you are planning on going please contact me by Facebook
messenger or my email:

Wendy Schrecongost
2018 Calendar
The club calendar for 2018 has been set.  Only 2 events have been
scheduled so far:
Spring Open House - June 24th
Club Picnic - August 19th
If you want to print a copy click here
Obstacle Course Update
Only 2 people showed an interest in the Adult Obstacle course and no
one was interested in the youth course.  At this point work on those
features will be on hold.  
At December's meeting elections were
held for club officers.  The only change
was the addition Jerry Szalankiewicz to
the Board of Directors.  Welcome and
thanks to Jerry.
Winter Riding
The club is open through winter, but please be careful.  When it's wet
and sloppy, damage to the trails can be extensive.  Water holes are
often ice covered, but you never know how thick it is.
Guest rides suspended
The club has decided to suspend our open guest ride policy from
November 1st through May 31st.  We will stop offering the option on
our website.  Members are still allowed and encouraged to bring
guests, but those guests must be with the member the entire ride and
the member must make the arrangements for the release and
payment.  The reason for this change is to limit damage to trails during
the winter riding season.  We will review this policy again in May.
Recent Videos and
Bridge Construction
KDKA Story
Hillview Open House
Extreme Trail
Single Track
Outdoor Life Pics
Outdoor Life Article
Club Picnic pics
Safe, legal
riding close
to home.
Club Forms
Most Often Printed
Meeting Minutes
Click on the link above to view
our Google Drive folder
containing ALL meeting
minutes from 2005 until today.
Club Documents
Click on the link above to view
our Google Drive folder
containing ALL Club
Documents.  You will find all of
the following and more:
  • Brochure
  • Nesletters
  • Waiver forms
  • Directions to trailhead &
  • By-Laws
  • Membership Statistics
  • Club Calendar
Non-club Stuff
This folder in our Google drive
holds documents from DCNR,
PaOHV, and other
organizations that relate to our
club or sport.
Upcoming Schedule
Club Meeting - Feb 7
Work Day - Feb 11
Club Meeting - Mar 7
Work Day - Mar 11
Club Raffle Ticket
About 15% of our revenue
comes from our quarterly raffle
ticket.  For $3 you get 2 3-digit
numbers that are based on the
Evening Pick-3 number.

See sample below

If you can sell 5, 10, or 20
tickets each quarter, please
contact Scott.

Scott with any questions:
Indian Creek Valley  ATV Club